Auchan Technology provides a wide range of labeling machines and labeling systems for various industries. You can view our case studies to learn how our labeling solutions support clients’ business.

Automatic Cosmetic Needle Labeling and QR Code Printing System

The client needs to apply labels to two types of cosmetic needles whose diameter of head are 1cm. But their diameter of end and weight differ greatly. The label should be applied on the cover of the cosmetic needles. It is a challenge due to the needle cover is loose. The size of label is 3*1 cm and QR code and production date should be spray painted on the label. Our experienced engineering team designed jig on the conveyor belt to fix the cosmetic needles to realize precise labeling. You can watch the video to learn more details.

Cone Shaped Dessert Box Labeling System

The cone shaped dessert box features large taper and soft surface. Due to the box is small in the top and big in the bottom, it is apt to move up when labeling. After careful evaluation, our engineer turned upside down the dessert box to realize precision labeling.

Unshaped Boxes Labeling System

The client needs to label almost 30,000 flat-packed boxes of 6 different types per day. We designed separating mechanism in labeling system to automatically separate the flat-packed boxes that greatly improves the labeling efficiency and reduces the labor cost.

Three-Side Labeling Machine for 5L Rectangular Oil Bottle

The client needs to apply label on the 5L rectangular oil bottle. Due to the empty oil bottle is too light, it quivers during labeling. The dimension of 5L oil bottle is also too large for our standard labeling machine. We designed an enlarged three-side labeling machine with special guide mechanism and smoothing device according to the dimension of the 5L oil bottle for the client.

Milk Powder Can Precision Labeling System

The client needs to apply labels on their milk powder can. Our semi-automatic labeling machine can label round bottle of diameter up to 150mm, and height up to 310mm. The height of label could be up to 230mm. It can label various products ranging from small syringe to milk powder can. But the height of client’s label is more than 280mm, so our engineer spilt it into two labels. Using our labeling system, the split label can be pieced together perfectly. Our engineer cut short some of rubber on our machine to fit the protrusion of the milk can.

Square Honey Jar Three-Side Labeling System

The client wants a three-side labeling machine with high labeling speed. They need to label square bottles. The performance of our automatic round bottle labeling machine can meets their needs. But the client needs corner labeling, so our engineer suggested the client integrating the three-side label and corner label into one label and designed a corner label smoothing device on our automatic round bottle labeling machine to meet their requirements.

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